To use the MphasiS-Wyde products officially, you need a license. MphasiS-Wyde's sales staff will be happy to discuss with you the exact kind of license you need to suit your task at hand. If you are required to use a license or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

To know how to request a license, please refer below.

License Types

There are three basic categories of license correspondig to MphasiS-Wyde products:

Workstation License Type

Workstation licenses allow you to consult, develop, and test your applications in a work group environment. There are three kinds of workstation license:

Unregistered Version

When you first install eWam, you have no license. Your workstation has what is known as an 'unregistered version' of eWam. This unregistered version will last approximately one month, after which it will become inactive, and you will no longer be able to launch your eWam. An unregistered version allowes you to enjoy most of eWam's powerful features, however, it doesn't allow you to produce executable code, neither to work in a group. The unregistered version is mainly for you to evaluate eWam.

Developer License

A developer license allowes you to use all aspects of the eWam environment. It allowes to build and modify classes, modules, scenarios, types, constants, configurations, data base mappings, .... You also have access to all the production and performance analyzer tools, such as the C++ producer or the code profiler. Equiped with full fledged workstations installed with proper licenses developers are able to work benefit from MphasiS-Wyde's powerful work group facilities. Basically, you can take advantage of this wonderful MphasiS-Wyde development tool.

Server License

To deploy and run MphasiS-Wyde applications in a server environment, you need a server license. You need a license to use:

  • MphasiS-Wyde Web
  • MultiTeam
  • eWED (COM, GSP)
  • MphasiS-Wyde OPS
  • XML RPC Server
  • wInterface
  • Web Services

Until version 4.2, MphasiS-Wyde used to provid a one-size-fits-all server license. As for eWam 4.2, you are able to acquire the license that conforms exactly to your needs.

By default, if you have no server license, the selected tool allows you to handle three simultaneous connections only. Two additional connections (the so-called excess connections) are available to handle rare moments when you need them during your testing. Using these two additional connections will write a warning into the Windows Event Viewer. Requesting a sixth connection will, however, fail.

An official server license has two main parameters that you can customize to your specific needs:

  • Number of simultaneous connections: The number of simultaneous connections is your estimate of the number of people likely to use the application at any given time. Up until you reach this maximum number, the MphasiS-Wyde tool in question will allow new connections to be made.
  • Number of excess connections: The number of excess connections allows you to handle the rare occasions when there are more users than you have connections in your license. The MphasiS-Wyde tool in question will allow a certain fixed number of additional connections to be made, each time writing a warning to the Windows Event Viewer that an extra connections has been requested. Once these extra licenses are exhausted, subsequent connections will fail.

You can discuss with your MphasiS-Wyde salesman your specific needs, so that a custom license can be configured for you with these parameters personalized for your specific needs. Note that the excess connections are to be considered as a temporary measure to get you through a short period with slightly higher load than expected. If you regularly have recourse to these excess connections, you should contact your MphasiS-Wyde representative to adjust the number of licenses appropriately.

Other products license

To deploy and run wRobot or wMigrate, you need a specific license that you can request the same way as the others.

Duration rules

License files need to be renewed each time the contract is renewed: they cannot exceeded the contract duration. An alert is displayed 7 days before the end of eWam license. After this eWam is launching in demo mode.

Alerts sent for MphasiS-Wyde Server license:
MphasiS-Wyde Server Duration less than 90 days between 90 et 300 days Greater than 300 days Message
Warning days 7 21 42 Your server license is about to expired. You have xxx days left to renew you license.
Error days /
Extended days
2 7 7 Your server license is expired. You have xxx days left to renew you license.

During Warning days, an event logged in the event viewer is displayed at each client connection. During Error days, after the official end of the license, there is an event logged too for each client connection.

Number of sessions:
  Before end of extended duration After the end of extended duration
Number of sessions Requested 5

After the error days, the server could continue to run with lower simultaneous connection possible.

License file name

Each product use a specific file name:

Product: License file's name:
eWam developer or test eWAMxxxx.lcs
(xx is the version number: 4200, 4300, 4400, 5000, 5100, etc.)
MphasiS-Wydeweb server MphasiS-WydeWeb.lcs
XMLRpc server XmlRpc.lcs
wPos server WPOS.lcs
Multiteam server WED.lcs
eWed GSP (gsp pages) WED.lcs
wInterface WED.lcs
Web Services server eWED.lcs
wRobot wRobot.lcs
wMigrate wMigrate.lcs

Obtaining a License

In order to use the full functionality of MphasiS-Wyde products, you must obtain an official license. Once your company purchases the right number of licenses, we specify for your company's account the number of licenses in our Automatic MphasiS-Wyde License Manager.

To request a license, you have to login on the MphasiS-Wyde Portal here. Then go to 'Request For a License' .

In the first step, you have to fill out following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail used to send the license
  • Your machine's name (See Technical part)
  • The device ID of the hard disk on which eWam is installed (See Technical part)
  • Your company's name

In the second step, you have to choose an option that suits your needs. An option is the association of a product and a using context decided betwen you and our salesman. Once you have selected your option, you have to specify the product and its version.

An optinal third step will appear if you are requesting a server license. Then, you will have to specifiy the number of simultaneous connections you want.

At the end of the process, a summary of your request appears. Once you have checked content, clik on 'Apply'.

If, for some reason, you don't have access to the MphasiS-Wyde Portal or have some issues, you can send us an email ( specifying:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your's company name
  • Your email address
  • The product you want to register
  • The device ID of the hard disk on which eWam is installed (See Technical part)
  • The name of your computer (See Technical part)
  • The version of the product

Our staff will build you a license by hand and email it to you, usually within one working day.

Note that certain add-on features, like the MphasiS-Wyde Framework, require different licenses. Please contact us for further information.


  • How to find your device ID number ? It is the number of the volume where you want to install a MphasiS-Wyde product. To get it:
      1. Start a Dos windows (shortcut: Windows+r and the tipe 'cmd').
      2. Type then your volume name. For instance, if you would like to install a MphasiS-Wyde product onto the volume 'D:\', then just entre 'd:'.
      3. Then enter 'Dir' and the value can be see on the top of the result.
      4. Copy-past it into your license request. The hyphen should be include.
  • How to get you computer's name? Open your 'System Summary' in the 'Configuration Panel' and you should find there your 'System Name'. Caution: do not pickup the whole system's name which would not work.